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Fitting your Culture and Values




To promote proper governance of values, sensitive to a company’s specific moment in history, its culture and medium-long term objectives, Onexecutive uses its expertise to identify Board Members, Managing Directors, General Managers, Departmental Managers, and roles required to support corporate strategy.

In our management of executive search projects, the first objective is to listen to and engage the client company in a stimulating exchange to understand its organizational and cultural context and to make its value system our own. This will guide us in identifying Managers who can have a considerable and positive impact on the company’s business, climate, and organizational context.




The board and the individual members responsible for corporate governance are a strategic resource for a company. Their task is to guide and support the company in its development and facing the challenges of the markets, translating these into opportunities and new growth objectives.

Our in-depth knowledge of the industrial sectors and their networks gives us the insight to intervene in the structure of a board of directors through the identification of experienced independent members who will contribute in a positive, sustainable, and continuous way to the development of growth strategies.

Onexecutive promotes and encourages the creation of advisory boards to support corporate governance, to offer strategic direction aimed at fostering a style of management that is open to confrontation, attentive to international dynamics, and sensitive to environmental and community logics. A concrete tool to bring know-how, vision, networking, and expertise into a company.


Sustainability for Business

Sustainability for Business

At Onexecutive, we want to add value to our Executive Search business by being advocates for change, accompanying partner companies on a path of growth and evolution that fosters the development of a sustainable approach to business..
We work to encourage the growth of a generation of entrepreneurs and managers who place sustainability at the heart of the role of business, because business success is measured by the well-being of people, society, and the environment.
In this regard, we offer dedicated services to promote the spread of sustainable business models within companies, because this also brings a return in terms of profit and competitive advantage.


Onexecutive works with Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards to include independent members who have specific expertise in environmental, social, and economic sustainability issues and can provide a key contribution in terms of know-how and strategic vision over the medium and long term.


We support companies in embedding and organizing team focused on sustainability, as well as in the adoption and integration of sustainability in the company policies.


At Onexecutive, we have developed a specific competency model to identify ‘sustainable’ managers, people capable of bringing a vision, developing strategy and an organizational model that incorporate ESG philosophy, parameters, and logics.




To rethink the structure of an organization in a manner that is focused and functional to the needs of the businessrequires knowledge of industry logics and models of its best performers. The growth of an enterprise and the related processes that determine it are subject to its organizational structure.


Organizational mapping to rethink the Company

The People Intelligence process led by Onexecutive consists of two basic steps. First, the study and understanding of the Organizational Models of the business in question by identifying the main industry logics. Secondly, Onexecutive performs the analysis and benchmarking of the organizational structures by surveying the organizational structure, analyzing the hierarchical and departmental relationships, and finally identifying the key figures of the organization.




People Due Diligence is a human capital measurement tool designed to assess the managerial capabilities needed to achieve the strategic objectives dictated by the upper management. There are many areas where People Due Diligence may be applied, particularly those phases of corporate life where governance needs a complete, clear, and objective pictureof the human asset. People Due Diligence projects are usually implemented when business development calls for a management assessment, in M&A transactions or even in the redefinition of upper management affected by executive search projects or the assignment of new upgraded roles.


Acting on corporate culture to develop potential

Onexecutive’s People Due Diligence utilizes analysis parameters of the most advanced international culture in the field and offers evidence about:

  • the culture, values, motivations, and work climate that govern the work actions of teams, management, and the organization
  • Upper management style and leadership, such as: decision-making style, goal and result orientation, people inclination, reliability, ability to lead change, openness to innovation
  • the potential of managers and their likelihood of success if they are newly grafted into upper management or grow within the company into roles of greater responsibility.

Il quadro complessivo finale, garantito dall’applicazione di strumenti di analisi The final overall picture, defined by the application of scientifically validated analytical tools on homogeneous data, enables upper management to understand the best strategies for handling high potential individuals and key figures, as well as proposing operations to improve the corporate culture and work climate.





Middle management plays a key role within organizations as it helps to strengthen corporate culture, resource management, and internal process control.

Ensuring the quality of middle management through targeted selection is essential to organizations for the effective execution of business strategy.

To be an attentive and complete partner in organizational development, Onexecutive has integrated its Executive Search services and projects with middle management search. The ONEpeople division arose from the desire to be able to offer our clients a cross-organizational service, in which quality and excellence are guaranteed by the same attentive and structured approach that characterizes Onexecutive’s activity.


"The success of all business operations depends on the skills, experience, and motivation of the managers who operate within them. The resilience and satisfaction of the people who work within the company, at whatever level, depend heavily on the sensation that they can realize themselves and their value through their work. This value must therefore be known in order to help companies and people to make the best use of it."

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