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Boutique firm for Executive Search

ONEXECUTIVE is a benefit corporation and a boutique firm operating in the executive search sector, dedicated to playing a part in the success of companies and people, helping them recognise their potential on their path towards sustainable and responsible growth to foster the development of a managerial culture that generates value.

ONEXECUTIVE acts as a business partner of the corporate stakeholders in the development of their organisational culture, leading to the achievement of medium and long-term strategic goals.

Working in close collaboration with the company and the candidate managers, Onexecutive identifies the best solution for the clients’ needs based on its in-depth knowledge of the market. This is possible thanks to the wealth of skills and experience it has acquired in complex, dynamic, and international corporate contexts, its sensitivity to the values, identity, and culture of the businesses it relates with, and the special attention given to each and every phase of the activity.

The Culture Of Good Relationships

Starting from a genuine passion for corporations, their stories and business logic, Onexecutive contributes to the success of the company and people by building winning teams capable of increasing the value of the organisation and helps create business models that are remarkable for their qualities of collaboration, openness to others, and respect for diversity and people. Empathy, reliability, and transparency are the values that guide Onexecutive in its relationships with clients/partners: relationships of trust that are solid and constructive.

An approach focused on results

Onexecutive offers targeted and excellence-oriented executive search designed to appeal to quality-conscious companies that promote ethics, expertise, and merit. Each phase of the process and each action is curated down to the finest detail.

Over the years, Onexecutive has refined a solid and structured search and selection method that enables it to achieve objectives in different contexts while always finding the optimum solution for clients, combining profit with the best interests of society at large. Tenacity and determination guide us in our continual quest for excellence, through a repeated test and learn process that never takes anything for granted and enables us to achieve the highest goals.



"understanding is the first step of any Onexecutive project. Listening carefully to the organization, deepening its culture and values is the only way to produce sustainable, lasting and valuable results."


About Us


Come società di Executive Search consideriamo la sostenibilità un elemento cardine del nostro lavoro: operiamo con l’obiettivo di creare un impatto positivo sulle persone, l’ambiente e il mercato.
Our desire is to contribute to the definition of a new business model capable of truly generating shared, long-lasting prosperity both for the organisation and for its managers.



In March 2022 Onexecutive obtained the B Corp certification, a prestigious recognition confirming that the company operates according to the highest standards of social and environmental performance and of governance. The first milestone of the certification process, started in 2020, was achieved in August 2021 permitting the transition to a Benefit Corporation. This involved the amendment of the articles of association, with ‘common benefit’ being added into the purposes.

A distanza di pochi mesi, Onexecutive ha raggiunto la certificazione B Corp che distingue le aziende che si impegnano quotidianamente per massimizzare il proprio impatto positivo verso le persone, le comunità in cui operano e l’ambiente.


Becoming a B Corp means giving equal dignity to a company’s economic, social, and environmental objectives, i.e., ensuring that profit is not the only goal and that the company also exists to make a positive social and environmental impact."

It has been a long and often uphill process, compelling us to reflect on our actions, but we stuck to our commitment and did not give up. We sensed it would be a path with ‘added value’, the kind Onexecutive likes to take."

Managing Partner, Onexecutive


We work to foster the development and growth of a generation of entrepreneurs and managers who place sustainability at the heart of their business role.
This is why we have created a specific methodology to assess the ‘Skill Set of the Sustainability Manager’.

It is a methodology that first identifies and then evaluates the implications of what it means to be a sustainability manager, who then, regardless of the department they belong to, express and transfer the core values.

Management team

Onexecutive Partners


The Onexecutive’s partners have gained considerable experience and consolidated skills as company executives and consultants in the executive search sector.

Each partner supports the upper management with experience, analysing needs to propose solutions that meet with the company’s strategic objectives and bring added value to business and people.

Our team combines across-the-board expertise for different commercial sectors, functions, and territorial areas.


Managing Partner

Stefania Piredda

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After graduating from university and obtaining a master’s degree in economics, she increasingly focused her attention on the ‘quality’ of the corporate organisation underpinning business.
She spent many years working for multinational and Italian companies developing and managing business areas related to HR: passionate about ‘personality’ and ‘economics’, she left her role in management to devote herself completely to the development of organisations with an Italian and international scope.
She founded Onexecutive, an Executive Search boutique firm, in 2013 to create a business partner for companies that acts as a tool for greater profitability through the implementation of processes for sustainable growth and to raise the value of executive managers, by promoting stimulating encounters between personalities, skills, and environments where they can find their best expression.

Associate Partner Lucia Adamo

Associate Partner

Lucia Adamo

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After her degree in Law, she passionate about Human Capital issues, initially dealing with training and selection and then deeping organisational, management and governance processes.

She assumed the role of Chief People Officer and she specialized in Retail Distribution, Logistics and Digital. Her career path led her to develop performance and human resources strategies and People Development projects.

Entering the world of management consulting, she actively contributes to the construction of evolved and strategic corporate organisations, based on models geared towards generating shared value with stakeholders. Over the years, she has developed a strong focus on corporate social responsibility.


Associate Partner

Patrizia Leone

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After a degree in Statistics, she began her professional career in commercial roles in large-scale distribution, gaining experience abroad She then moved on to the world of Human Resources, building a long and coherent career in solid international companies, leaders in their sector. Her last appointment was with an important, listed Italian company in the luxury sector, as Talent & Development Director.
Over the years, she has developed an in-depth knowledge of human capital dynamics, contributing to the definition of development and organisational strategies. In particular, she has been responsible for overseeing management and organisation, development and training, engagement and internal communication, and remuneration policies.
She is a senior HR leader, passionate about people, with proven experience in managing complex projects and a particular sensitivity and attention to issues of sustainability, diversity, and inclusion.


Associate Partner

Viviana Romanato

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After graduating with a degree in Economics and Commerce, she was immediately attracted to issues relating to the identification of the key human capital within a company that help it to achieve business objectives.
She enters the world of HR consultancy, specialising in the headhunting methodology, following national and international projects aimed at strengthening the line of support to corporate management.
She has solid experience in the start-to-finish handling of searches for managerial figures, both for entrepreneurial and multinational organisations.


Associate Partner

Stefano Rossi

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After gaining a degree in Business Administration with a specialisation in quantitative issues, he began his professional career as an organisation analyst in multinational fashion retail companies, moving on to become the Human Resources and Systems Director of a major international company in the footwear and clothing sector where, during his long tenure, he managed complex development dynamics in Italy and abroad, directly overseeing growth and transformation projects.
In recent years, he has been able to further integrate his skills as a Service Operations Director of a very innovative company in the digital transformation sector.
Particularly drawn to issues relating to digital organisation and, in general, dealing with and working with people, he joined the Onexecutive team as an Associate Partner with a special focus on issues of organisational audit.


Associate Partner

Adriano Schenone

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He graduated in Law with the clear desire to join the company. Almost casually he approaches the world of Human Resources which he is passionate about immediately. After an experience in a large company in the HR / Organization field, he decides to continue his career in HR consultancy, in particular in headhunting, working in selected national and multinational companies.

In over 25 years of professional experience he has acquired solid skills in evaluating people and understanding organizational contexts: convinced that the “perfect match” between candidate and company can only be achieved with careful sensitivity and a deep understanding of both.

About Us


We recognise the importance of gender, cultural, and racial differences and see these as values and a competitive advantage, because diversity is an asset.

This is why we have always accompanied and supported companies along the route towards raising awareness: to build in the conditions and expand the space of women and minorities in the workplace, promote the balance of representation on boards of directors, and increase the female presence within upper management.


A gender-inclusive workplace is not simply good practise, it is a real competitive advantage.



About Us


Our attitude to sustainability and our solid and focused attention on people has led us over the years to support various charitable actions, contributing to specific projects whose values, aims and activities we share. We act promptly to support, through concrete actions, people in need and emergencies with the aim to favour an equal world. We believe that business finds its meaning and purpose in these thoughts.

In the past we collaborated with Childcare Worldwide Italia Onlus, Save the Children, Uniti per Crescere and the Community of Sant’Egidio Today we cultivate a direct relationship, aimed at contributing to specific projects, with non-profit organisation Childcare Worldwide Italia in Italy, and with World Food Programme – ShareTheMeal and the project Clinica Movel of Dr Donisio Cumbà abroad.


Onexecutive supports AIRC in the paediatric cancer research. Moreover, we contribute to the research project of Doctor Paola Capello’s team, financed by AIRC Foundation, that aims to find an effective treatment for the pancreatic cancer: one of the most aggressive tumour.


ShareTheMeal is an initiative from the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), the largest humanitarian agency engaged in the battle against hunger.

Every year, the World Food Programme reaches more than 86 million people with food assistance, in 83 countries. Onexecutive supports this project by helping to fight world hunger through donations to provide food assistance in emergencies, intervening in some of the world’s most dramatic food crises.


Dr Dionisio Cumbà is paediatric surgeon and Minister of Health of Guinea Bissau, who fights to change and innovate the national health system, which is seriously deficient. Onexecutive supports his project Clinica Movel: a place to visit, provide free medicines and health education in the Guinea Bissau internal villages.

The São Josè em Bôr hospital is the only paediatric hospital in Guinea Bissau. It is a non-profit hospital built in 2007 thanks to Dr Dionisio Cumbà and Padre Ermanno Battisti. Many mothers are not able to take their children to the hospital. For this reason, Dionisio Cumbà, with the support of Progetto Anna Onlus, has created the project named Clinica Movel: a mobile hospital which every Saturday moves to one of the internal villages to provide medicines and medical treatments.