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We identify Top Retail Managers

Over the past decade, the retail sector has gone through a profound change in the traditional offline and more innovative online channels, both of which still evolving today toward a path of integration and omnichannelality aimed at offering the best shopping experience. Retail’s most pressing challenge is the intense pace of renewal, understood as the ability to change cyclically in order to remain present and appealing in a large global market to meet the needs and requirements of increasingly demanding and well-informed consumers.

At Onexecutive we identify the most competent top managers for retail, who are able to interpret the ever-changing scenario in terms of presence, proximity to the consumer, and retail operations.

The market is evolving very rapidly, stores have become both poles of attraction—worlds in which the brand and its values are experienced—and ‘smart’ sales channels, aimed at satisfying a demanding and aware clientele. This evolution requires managers who stand out for their vision, innovation, and creativity.

The current omnichannelality imposed by the market demands solid transversal skills that ensure the brand is managed with innovative vision and with effective integration between the digital and physical store that places the customer experience at the centre.

Onexecutive’s executive search activity is distinguished by its concrete knowledge of the retail channel and its dynamics, and by its wide network of managers operating in the sector.