Private Equity Sector

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Private Equity Sector

Onexecutive for the Private Equity sector

Private equity has proven to be a well-matured and resilient sector that has been able to effectively mitigate the criticality of economic impact, accelerating investments in emerging sectors such as pharmaceuticals, tech and Made in Italy excellence, as well as those companies free from generational succession and therefore more sensitive to planning for sustainable growth over time.

The consultancy service from the Onexecutive headhunters for private equity has the dual purpose of bringing to the attention of investment fundsboth fund managers capable of identifying investments and subsidiary managers capable of achieving the targets required by the investors. For the former, the search aims to identify managers with the experience to ensure for-profit choices based on knowledge of the market and its trends; for the latter, it identifies managers with proven corporate governance experience.


Our strategies for top management in private equity

Our partners work closely withinvestment funds to understand their needs and strategic objectives, bringing to the table proven experience in various industries. Onexecutive balances an indispensable financial evaluation of the investment with a People Due Diligence service aimed at assessing corporate governance and those who act on it.