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World leader for the number of companies operating in the clothing and luxury goods sector, the Italian fashion industry is standard bearer for Made in Italy worldwide An ever-changing geographical configuration, with new emerging areas in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, and the exponential growth of digital media have opened the fashion industry to a new borderless market scenario. In addition, the world of fashion & luxury is faced with major new challenges in regard to the need to protect the environment and reduce consumption.

Two major issues for today’s fashion world emerge from this scenario: sustainability and omnichannelality. These are two crucial aspects for the future of the industry and require integrated projects characterised by innovation in technology, organisation, and production.

The headhunters at Onexecutive handling fashion & luxury have developed, through experience, deep insight into this sector, its dynamics, and the distinctive characteristics of its managers.

Digital and IT skills; creativity, vision and openness to innovation that respect Brand heritage; analytical, planning, and organizational skills; knowledge of international markets and cross-border financial worlds: these are all interdependent areas of expertise that, when connected to appropriate leadership and an approach aimed at sustainable economic growth, define those managers who are an asset to the company.