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Executive Search for the ICT and IT sector

Information and Communication Technology is the driving force for the ongoing digital revolution that is sweeping across all sectors.

The fast pace of ICT evolution requires high-level technical skills, constant updating, and the ability to anticipate customer needs and future critical issues.
In an interconnected and ever-changing global market, the management and usage of the information available to the company is a determining factor in its internal efficiency and its competitiveness in the marketplace.

Onexecutive surveys the market identifying managers with proven experience in the ICT and digital world. The stimuli coming from the digital challenge, accelerated by the recent pandemic, calls for managerial profiles with the capacity to integrate the best tools and technologies into the company’s existing organisation, to support and make processes more efficient, faster, and more effective.

The ‘Connected Enterprise’ based on interactive experiences, intelligent automation, predictive analytics, and digital processes is an always ‘connected’ ecosystem of new products, services, facilities, and people. TheAI (Artificial Intelligence), which allows machines to perceive, understand, and act with operators by offering predictive analysis; Big Data management andthe Internet of Things (IoT), which maximise the capacity to collect and use data from multitude of sources: nowadays, these are essential for optimising the efficiency of all business functions from production to marketing. A modern board of directors must include those capable of bringing know-how and added value in this regard, to support the definition of strategic policies.

Onexecutive also assists companies in the selection of top management and independent directors who have the best mix of these specific skills, combining them with soft skills and value aspects compatible with the corporate culture.