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Furnishing and Design

Executive Search for the Furnishing and Design sector

More than half of the manufactured products from the furnishing and design sector are for export, destined for markets mainly outside of the EU, in particular those in Asia and America.

Seizing and reaping the benefits from these opportunities requires vision and experience from a company: to interpret change and read the needs of markets beyond its borders with the foresight to propose appealing products characterised by design, quality, and innovation typical of Made in Italy products.

Onexecutive consultants aim to identify the Management and Top Management most in line with the Company, its values ​​and its objectives, capable of guaranteeing the combination of international development and the strengthening of organizational and production logics.

As experts of the global market and of the niceties of the Made in Italy furniture and design sector, Onexecutive and OneHit consultants identify managers with proven international experience, able to dialogue with strategic ambassadors, creating loyalty and forging valuable relationships with them. In such a broad and ever-changing global landscape, Onexecutive assists companies in identifying and bringing in strategic managerial figures capable of ensuring a healthy process of growth and innovation in furniture and design.