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Industrial sector

Executive Search for the Industrial sector

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has made an enormous impact over the last decade marked by increased integration of digitisation, computerisation, and cyber technology applied tomanufacturing processes. Industry 4.0 has led to greater investment by companies in smart technologies that enable the integration of traditional systems into the IT network and to be managed via Big Data, the Cloud and the Internet of Things.

In this scenario, still ongoing today and responsible for average annual investments of +30% in Italy, the ‘human factor’ is once again central to industry as a key element for the enhancement of production processes where the watchword is flexibility.

Industry 4.0 requires managers capable of rethinking and re-engineering processes using specific IT skillsin conjunction with an inclusive leadership, flexibility, and a propensity for innovation.



Onexecutive is the trusted Business Partner to assist a company through the digitisation process, with the aim of achieving maximum production efficiency, and ensuring, through structured and competent executive search projects, the identification of figures entirely fit for the purpose both in terms of ethics and technical and soft skills.

Management of artificial intelligence connected to smart resources, the use of the Cloud, of Big Data and Information Technology and Operations architectures: these must be integrated with communication skills, the creation of effective cross-functional links and, more generally, with a leadership style directed towards openness and sharing, to guide the entire organisation towards the transformation of processes and the achievement of maximum production efficiency.