Large-Scale Retail Trade

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Large-Scale Retail Trade

Onexecutive for the Large-Scale Retail Trade

At a time of great change in consumer habits—influenced by the spread of online shopping even for basic necessities—the policy pursued by large-scale retail is to establish a widespread and organic presence in the territories coupled with an offer of consumer-oriented services, aimed at increasing the speed and convenience of purchase and to give the customer the best shopping experience in virtual and real spaces.

The added value Onexecutive consultants bring to large retailers is the ability to identify managers capable of developing a strategy for territorial coverage and comprehensive range of consumer services.

In the epochal transition in which the sale of the product is being overtaken by the importance of customer service and the shopping experience, large-scale retail managers must understand the development potential of their territories, working on the efficiency of the distribution network and local partnerships, as well as the most advanced digital tools.