Uniti per Crescere NGO was established within the Paediatric Neurology division of Padova’s Clinic Hospital (a structure with national and international relevance) to help children suffering from neurological disease and their families. In recent years, we at Onexecutive have had the chance to personally meet the members of the association, who are doctors and parents: all admirable people, very serious and dedicated to the cause of spreading information on the issue and try to “contain it” with research on the one hand and effective support to families on the other.

Neurological diseases are congenital, therefore incurable: children in wheelchairs who cannot eat by themselves, cognitively at a stop, with relationship problems … children who will always depend on their parents.

Research must still do a lot to understand the causes, doctors are never sufficient to meet these families’ “medical” and “psychological” challenges and parents live very difficult daily situations…

Please help “Uniti Per crescere”, even with a small donation.
As the mother of one of these children once told us:
“the sea is made of drops”.

Thank you

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