People due diligence

The delicate phases of the M&A processes require the utmost attention, not only to numerical data, but also to the more intangible Human Capital datum in the Company and particularly at Top Management level.

The human factor is of utmost importance in ensuring business efficiency and profitable results: as has been scientifically proved, the Leadership style accompanied by a strong managerial and ethical character leads to organizational success (Kiel, 2015 Return On Character, HBR).

Our People Due Diligence has been designed and developed to evaluate the managerial skills needed by the Top Management for the achievement of strategic objectives.

Onexecutive uses Assessment tools borrowed from the most advanced international culture in the field, reviewed and declined on the characteristics of the country. The goal is the measurement of intrapersonal, interpersonal and specific skills – to the most valid and reliable extent possible – of the Manager to whom you entrust the management of the Company or the Organizational function to.

Onexecutive’s People Due Diligence is therefore active in the Assessment of:

Managerial skills

by analysing the leadership and thinking style, decision-making and problem solving abilities, time management and resilience in difficult working environments.

Emotional relational and motivational intelligence

by assessing the sensitivity to the understanding of the “environmental” context, the ability to build good relationships with other people using excellent communication skills and the inclination to influence and motivate others.

Our People Due Diligence also serves to a careful analysis of the corporate culture in Merger processes and related Change Management operations, with the aim to facilitate changes and integration in terms of organization.
In some of these situations, when allowed, we also use the 360 Degree Manager Feedback, i.e. the Assessment of the Manager through the people he works with.