Executive Search


For a Governance that is appropriate to the Company’s historical moment and to the specific medium to long-term objectives, we operate in the identification of Members of the Board of Directors, supporting role to the business strategy, and in the monitoring of the correct declination.

The Organization, as a living organism, changes over time and requires new energy: in order to strengthen the Top Management in a timely manner, Onexecutive deepens its structure, characteristics, needs and future goals.

We believe that an efficient Manager is a set of personality, skills and experiences and that each of these areas should be examined in depth before entering the Company: our approach leads us to identify Managers with successful experiences, in line with the Company’s need for skills and behavioural characteristics.

In the final stage of Selection, but not only (People Due Diligence), we apply – if required – our Rating methodology for an even more careful analysis of the managerial skills compared to the objectives of growth and business development.

The Intelligence activity that takes place in the Mapping of the Competitors or situations of interest, remains an integral part of our Executive Search activity: useful not only to the organizational set-up, but even just for a confrontation with the market to rethink a new or different organizational “establishment”.