As Executive Search professionals, we support (both domestically and internationally) the development of a Governance particularly focussed on the integration of different managerial figures by gender, with the aim of achieving a balance of representation in the Boards of Directors and in any case the increase of the presence of women in Top Management.

In recent years, the topic of women’s presence in corporate Governance has taken on an important role with regards to social and corporate policies on women in all their different roles, so much so that the regulatory environment has undergone radical transformations promoting, sometimes forcing, the entities involved to implement actions addressed to promoting a greater presence of women.

Once the gender difference is recognized as a “value”, our goal is to support and accompany Companies in a route that starts from awareness, steps through the development of specific knowledge of the subject and reaches the required assessment of “mixed” short lists by gender.

The Onexecutive diversity project…
where gender diversity is not just a standard but a real competitive advantage.